Ensuring consumer protection, building trust in a fair and safe player environment.

Sustainability Report

Responsible Gambling

Player Safety

GiG’s gambling operations are conducted in a sound and secure manner with a high level of consumer protection. Our aim is to uphold social responsibility, minimise the risk of end users experiencing harm caused by gambling, and to ensure gambling is not used in connection with or to support, criminal activity. GiG is entirely committed to protecting children and vulnerable people from being exposed to potential harm or exploitation from gambling.

We believe gambling should be fair and fun at all times and want our end users to treat gambling as recreation and spend only what they can afford to risk. For some, it can be more difficult and therefore our operations adopt the best practices of responsible gambling and technical compliance.

GiG’s operational practices include a dedicated team of player safety advisors who continuously monitor behaviour and customer chats and act upon alerts by interacting with those customers to ensure they receive support and advice.

Sustainability report

Preventing Crime

Our Operations

GiG adopts a strict policy and does not accept any end users whose funds have emanated from ill-gotten means. This complies with all applicable obligations in relation to AML and KYC checks.

Sustainability Report

IT Security

Data and Privacy Protection

Our internal controls framework is a direct result of continuous risk management processes, which take into consideration our business operations, as well as the external environment in which GiG operates.

ISO Certification

GiG’s information security processes are regularly tested by independent auditors, and in 2018, GiG Core platform was validated by the highest international standards set down by the International Organization for Standardization via an ISO 27001:2013 audit.

Sustainability Report