Education incubator

GiG Gives our charitable organisation is being registered as an official foundation, where we will be centering everything around education. We have partnered with ICE Malta, to create an education incubator where we take digital problems from local charities and give them to our group of disadvantaged or discriminated against people from our local communities. They will solve the problem with the support of their paired mentor, our internal SMEs and our educational partner – thus giving them a portfolio of work to get them back into gainful employment or education. We intend to use our network of partners to create internships, giving opportunities and valuable work experience, creating true sustainability, equality and inclusion. We aim to complete our first proof of concept incubator by the end of Q4 2022.

Community outreach

Community outreach As per the 17 United Nations goals we engage with initiatives locally with our GiGsters, supporting charities or events such as World Clean Up Day, building animal shelters, volunteering in people’s homes, collecting and donating food, clothing and supplies for orphanages and women’s shelters, donating our expertise for small struggling businesses or schools who need IT/tech support.

These are just a few examples of work done and upcoming projects.

We have a lot of amazing community stories to tell – as this is a brand new site, please bear with us as we upload them to the blog section below.

Our Stories

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