What is GiG Media?

Our media business helps grow your iGaming business by generating qualified leads through our digital marketing channels. Our media solution operates multiple content rich websites which empowers potential players and connects them with your online casinos or sports betting sites – helping to boost your profits and strengthen your business.

Our publishing business

GiG Media operates multiple content rich websites targeting the online casino segments and sports betting by publishing articles, reviews and more to connect users with the sites.

How does it work?

Traffic is generated when someone clicks on the links included on our websites, which will then take the potential player to the affiliated casino or sportsbook. When a player signs up and starts playing with one of our affiliated partners - be it a casino or a sportsbook - GiG Media earns a percentage share of the player’s value over the span of the player’s lifetime.

Our websites


World Sports Network (WSN) - WSN.com is GiG Media’s US-facing portal, providing accurate and up-to-date information about sports betting in regulated and soon-to-be-regulated states. The site features odds, predictions and picks for all major US and international sporting events, as well as betting and legislation guides, industry updates and legal sportsbook reviews. We also publish a weekly podcast series which is available on the site, all major podcast services and on YouTube!


Casinotopsonline is our flagship casino site operating in every possible market, with dedicated languages in 10 separate markets: English, Swedish, Finnish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German and Russian. Connecting millions of visitors every year with over 400 casinos, Casinotopsonline.com is one of the leading affiliate sites in the market. We cover everything from casino reviews to game reviews, strategy pages, industry news and the latest promotions and bonuses.

Our paid media business

Our paid media business uses a variety of marketing channels operating as a multi-channel media house. Traffic is generated by placing ads within different marketing channels, with users from each channel being directed to an affiliate site of ours or directly to a partners site.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Ads on search engines
such as Google and Bing

Social media

Facebook, Instagram and
Twitter + chatbot on Messenger

Permission marketing (PM)

Email and SMS controlled by a
series of technology filters


Banner, push notifications,
interstitial, popunder and native ads

Markets and verticals

GiG Media operates within the world of casino and sport. Our presence in both verticals ensures a steady cash-flow throughout the year given the different seasonalities of casino and sport. We operate in established markets earning our bread and butter as well as in emergent markets that will supply tomorrow’s revenue.

Active in more than
14 languages, GiG’s publishing solution has global reach across the world’s biggest igaming markets


How we maintain our edge in a competitive market

Search engine optimisation is an integral part of our success in our publishing business. Our experienced team of search engine optimisation experts are dedicated to ensuring our websites have a high organic ranking in premium search engines. We provide engaging content that empowers potential players and connects them with online casinos or sports betting sites.
Dedication to details combined with an activity based costing mindset is a prerequisite for succeeding in the paid marketplace. In GiG Media we operate with a strict return-on-advertising-spend focus (ROAS) ensuring that both we and our partners profit from the players that we generate. GiG Media has developed several proprietary technology solutions to support our paid marketing activities – to name a few examples:
• Our technology allows us to understand and track our activities on a granular level
• Significantly reduces manual work hours, empowering our employees to focus on continuous optimisation
• Allows us to safeguard all of our marketing activities ensuring they are compliant and follow regulation.

Our business model

GiG Media generates revenue by providing high quality leads to operators in the iGaming industry. We operate in both mature and emergent markets using different traffic generating channels working with many different partners – all to diversify our risk in the marketplace. We have several levers we can use to control our revenue and cost with the aim of securing a steady cash-flow and a prosperous EBITDA-margin.

Let’s do Business

Start receiving high quality leads

We can drive players and net gaming revenue in numbers. Our portfolio has over 500,000 users monthly ensuring both acquisition and retention for our partners. Operating many content-rich and high quality websites we give our partners strong momentum to reach their target audience. We can work on a performance basis, operating as an affiliate, or we can work on a more agency based approach via our managed services.

Performance / Affiliate partnership

As an affiliate we work independently in collaboration with you as an operator. We offer a range of different packages including: revenue share where we receive a percentage of the end-users value, CPA model where we are paid an upfront amount for the customer that we generate, a mix of revenue share and CPA (hybrid deal) or with fixed fees. We understand that every operator has different needs and preferences.

Strengthen and grow your business effectively with our media affiliate business.

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Media managed services

Our media managed service offers you a media service based on a traditional agency model. With our managed services we take care of your marketing campaigns for you to generate high quality traffic. With our main channels consisting of traditional affiliation, Google Ads, Facebook and SEO, our media as a managed services provides a full package of the most valuable traffic sources online.
Read more under GiG Core – Media Managed Services.

Our partners

Our technology

GiG Comply

We monitor online marketing compliance for our B2B customers. Analyse text, links and images, cover legislation within any market.

Paid marketing tech

High-performance automations for driving Facebook ads, Google ads and display traffic globally and securely

Data-driven approach

Every click that we get flows into a data stream All performance data is analysed

Website tech

Manage content on every website from the website network through a single interface. Images, lists, operators on all of the website can be changed by a single click

Come work with us

Our GiG Media family is made up of 100 experts from 20 different countries. We are always on the lookout for fresh talent, if you would like to join us, take a look at our current openings on our careers page.

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We promote responsible gambling through all of our websites and are dedicated to ensuring compliance in all our marketing materials. GiG Comply, our marketing compliance tool, was created by our media team to help safeguard your license by ensuring your digital marketing is safe and compliant.

Scanning thousands of highly contagious websites at once, our compliance solution identifies a list of pages that contain your brands’ adverts, which are not seen as compliant. This helps you to identify where you need to focus and tighten your efforts so that you can ensure your brand is fully compliant.