The expert team here to look after all your operation needs

Our managed services solution provides you with a tailor-made package of turnkey services to suit your individual business needs’ including media services, operations services and customer relationship management. All of our turnkey managed services are available from pre-launch throughout your business lifecycle, providing you with the support you need to help manage and grow your gaming business.

Whether you are looking for help with your acquisition strategy, faster payments, increased customer lifetime value or for advanced responsible gaming and player protection tools – our managed services solution has it covered for you.

Media managed services

Accelerate your digital transformation with our successful media services

At GiG, our conversion-focused team has extensive knowledge and experience of driving results for online casinos and with successfully supporting land-based casinos in their digital transformation. With our media managed services solution, we create a proven acquisition model that specialises in following player journeys and focuses on customer experience, providing you with actionable, competitive insights to help you make better decisions around your acquisition strategy.

The high performing Media Service for a better ROI

With our Media managed service we take care of your digital marketing campaigns for you, to generate high-quality traffic to your site. Our media managed services provide a full package of the most valuable traffic sources covering all channels to make sure that every opportunity is captured (Google Ads, social media marketing, affiliation and SEO).

Why GiG’s Media managed services?

Full-service digital marketing agency taking care of all your media needs

Multisegment capabilities helping you better understand your market

Market experts with over a decade of affiliate marketing & operator experience

Real-time actionable customer journey insights for better decision making

In-depth campaign management & planning

Cost-effective customer acquisition marketing

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Operations services

Create a happy and more sustainable customer base

Our first-line customer support team are highly skilled and have undergone Gamcare accredited training ensuring that our commitment to responsible gaming is reflected in everything that we do.

At GiG, we understand that brand loyalty is a key element of increasing your customer lifetime value. We strive to build strong relationships with our partners, which is reflected in the quality of service we deliver throughout our managed service solutions.

Outsource your gaming operations to the right managed service provider

Create a seamless customer experience while promoting sustainable gaming and a sustainable customer base with our advanced player protection tools. Our dedicated and experienced operations team takes care of all operational aspects of your organisation including support, compliance, risk & fraud and KYC.

Why GiG’s Operations services?

Advanced AI applications for extremely fast processing

Quick KYC processing, effectively reducing fraud

Experienced support team improving customer service 24/7

Advanced Internal risk & fraud tools for faster fraud detection

Competitive SLAs, reducing costs

Experts in responsible gaming (Gamcare accredited training)

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Customer relationship management

Create a better customer journey with our proactive CRM team

At GiG, customer relationship management is so much more than a CRM tool, it’s all about creating an integrated customer strategy that focuses on your customer journey and lifetime value. We like to form a symbiotic relationship with our partners to help make your life easier by listening to your needs and taking care of your entire customer value chain for you so that we can help you improve your customer relationships.

We make your life easier by taking care of your customer value chain for you

Whether you are looking for help with your digital transformation, casino management, VIP management or sports management, our dedicated team of experts are here to make your life easier.

With over a decade of experience from within a B2C gaming environment, and with expert knowledge of our in-house CRM system and tools, and of our products, our CRM team is always one step ahead of the game, when it comes to delivering a proactive customer relationship management approach.

Why GiG’s CRM service?

VIP, casino and sports management

Continual optimisation and improvements to keep your players engaged

End to end delivery of customer strategy, improving customer experience

Extensive B2C iGaming customer experience, ensuring quality service

An Integrated approach across product and services, driving customer lifetime value

Control of key customer touch points placing the power in your hands

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