Meet bob, our new HRIS system.

To increase efficiency, simplify and automate processes and reduce costs, we rolled out our new system fully, rehoming a number of things such as OKRs, performance management, time off requests, communications, surveys / feedback and team management etc under one roof, Hibob.

Team building events

We united over 820 GiGsters online and face to face (where Covid-19 restrictions allowed) in team building events in 2021 spending a total of 6930 hours #together. Our events booking process ensures each team comes together, across every remote and office location, to learn and develop in appropriate business topics and to build a relationship and bond through planned engaging activities. Our overall eNPS score for team building events sits at 71, with over 81% of our people feeling more engaged after their event.

After two years of being separated we managed to have our first face-to-face Christmas event in December 2021. Uniting 400 GiGsters for the Annual GiGstar Award ceremony and engaging event followed by a celebration with a total of 3,600 hours spent together. We made sure our remote GiGsters were included in a digital version, and awarded them a well-being top-up to add to their 2022 well-being allowance.
Our overall eNPS score for the Christmas event was 53.

GiG Allies

With support from the All-in Diversity team, we want to create a safe, nurturing and discrimination free environment. We want to rid our company of all bias. We have a number of underrepresented groups, and although we will address all bias in this initiative, we particularly want to focus on those who identify as women, and the biases they face daily.

GiG Allies endeavours to drive systemic improvements to workplace policies, practices, and culture, and our Allies will advocate for and speak up for others. This process began in Q4 2021, and we aim to launch in Q2 2022.

Marketing Recruitment

We aim to increase diversity of thinking and perspective by recruiting from an increasingly diverse talent pool. We are building a multi-cultural global workforce independent from any preferences other than skill sets and talent. We are continuously assessing how and where we look for talent, and have been casting our net farther around the world creating a new marketing recruitment plan assessed and measured monthly. Always looking for new ways to increase diversity in the hiring process, from language, to working hours and all-round flexibility.

GiGstars 2021

Our second annual GiGstars recognition awards was held on Fri 03 Dec during our Christmas event across all offices. The prizes were even bigger this year and as per our people’s feedback in the Have your say survey, we focussed on improving well-being through experiences. Our judges selected the winners based on the evidence in front of them and on merit only, not on how many nominations someone receives. We have selected four to five subject matter experts for each category from across all locations and roles, to ensure we’ve had a balanced and diverse selection of peers’ voices and opinions. Each category also had a sponsor and head judge who is either a C-level expert or last year’s winner, after all who is a better judge than someone who already knows what it takes.

Quote from The Stress Management (2022) Neil Shah:

“International Wellbeing Insights has observed good practice and the intention to apply it at GiG. GiG seems to be a culture of excellence, high achievement, and clearly has some very talented people. We are really impressed with the commitment to make a positive difference to GiGsters, the willingness to do the right thing even when the full path isn’t clear and to be able to react and respond to unexpected crises and challenges with compassion and humanity. We are very much looking forward to continuing to support you in your journey to create a culture of wellbeing.”

Well-being #Together

At GiG we are committed to achieving a healthy and happy workforce by placing value on all five pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Everyone’s journey to achieving balanced well-being is different and personal. Our approach to wellbeing is holistic and company-wide with such things as the right to disconnect, with focus on personal resilience and stress management hosted by the world renowned stress management society, and localised activities. We support this with the Health and Well-being allowance, so people feel enabled to participate in their journey by purchasing something which helps them on their way.

Our goal is to give our people the tools to evaluate their well-being, and enable them to travel on their personal journey to achieve their ultimate balance. Some people’s journey will be more along the social and spiritual route, and others more on the physical, but what we don’t want to do is tell someone what their road looks like, but open up all opportunities and support them where we can.

  • We have partnered with internationally renowned stress and personal resilience specialists the Stress Management Society, who host quarterly and adhoc all company workshops on specific hot topics and themes, with supporting documentation and initiatives in between.
  • We survey before and after each event to get better feedback and to assess our people’s well-being with benchmarking being published in 2022
    Implemented a full annual plan for localised and all company well-being activities to take part in.
  • Through our relationship with the Malta based Richmond Foundation and with private health insurance for all other locations, we cover all aspects of mental and emotional health support needed.
  • We have also increased the scope of the well-being allowance to anything from charity donations, environmental impact solutions like solar panels or planting trees, to personal grooming and experiences like travel, and have increased the opportunity for our people to top-up their balance by engaging in key well-being activities throughout the year.

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