Drive revenue your way with gaming's most powerful rules engine

With Logic, you can optimise and tailor your processes, across all operational aspects of your organisation (retail and online), including marketing, promotions, operations and compliance.

With Logic, the only limitation is your imagination

Logic enables you to build efficiency into all of the operational aspects of your organisation, driving effectiveness and increasing your bottom line. For example, Logic allows you to monitor, detect and proactively engage with the unusual behaviour of your players, helping you to stay ahead of the curve with regards to Responsible Gambling.

Logic has over 100 pre-defined building blocks and processes 52 million+ messages a day.

How does GiG Logic work?

Logic absorbs messages by reading what players are doing both offline and online through any API call. For example, If a player spins a game or makes a deposit, logic reacts in milliseconds to whatever that player is doing. The unique User Interface then allows you to drag and drop rules and building blocks in a flow chart style design, helping you to build your logic within these messages and tailor them to your players.

Why GiG Logic?

Immediately expand the power and potential of your data

Increase automation and reduce your operational costs

Quick and easy, creating a rule is as easy as clicking a mouse

Cloud hosted and fully scalable; processing over 52 million messages a day

No coding knowledge required, improving efficiency

Increase your Net Gaming Revenue (NGR)

Build a data-driven customer experience improving your targeting

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