Make your digital transformation successful with our omnichannel solution

At GiG we work with you to ensure that your digital transformation is a smooth process so that you can offer your players a tailored and seamless player journey across your retail and online sites.

Take better control of your margin,
earnings and customer loyalty

Our omnichannel approach allows you to support and complement your retail offering, giving you a strong presence in both the online and offline worlds, which makes you more accessible to your customers. Our Omnichannel solution can be integrated with any casino management system allowing you to harmoniously combine your retail and digital offering. For example, your players can register for and access one shared loyalty system across your online and offline worlds with the same account, giving them the power to choose where they use their points. And, featuring one wallet, our omnichannel allows your players to transfer funds instantly between all channels —increasing customer convenience and your margins.

The GiG Omnichannel approach adds a high level of value throughout your customers’ journey, placing your players at the epicentre of your brand.

Why the GiG Omnichannel approach?

Uninterrupted user experience between all channels

Seamless registration to maximise the conversion of your footfall

Improve player experience and engagement via Increased touch points

Drive loyalty & retention with detailed player spending insights

Build loyalty and engagement with a seamless loyalty program

Seamless wallet to reduce cost and cash handling

Find out how you can complement your retail offering by making your brand digital

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