A comprehensive solution

Tailored to cover market-specific legislation and advertising standards, our innovative, self-service marketing compliance tool helps you manage and monitor your affiliate advertising campaigns – whenever you need!

Automated monitoring

Scan more than 25k website pages daily

Locate ads

Locate your ads on non-brandsafe websites

Global control

Control marketing compliance on a world wide scale

Effortless compliance check

Effortlessly check for presence of text, links and images

A check for every scenario

GiG Comply uses its rules engine to analyze real snapshots from your affiliates’ campaigns to provide you with the content they are putting out there. The flexibility built into GiG Comply enables you to create compliance checks tailor-made exactly to your needs. You set the rules and receive a customised version every time.

Compliance check

Monitor your affiliates and make sure that they are in accordance to your marketing guidelines

Ensure consistency in your compliance analysis

Mantain a full report history of your previous checks

Generate screenshots of every page scanned to provide proof of breach if needed

Keep your checks up-to-date with the latest compliance criteria through the flexible rules engine

Discovery check

Uncover unknown sites containing links or promotions to your brands.

Popunder check

Get notified when your ads are shown on copyright-infringing, adult, and torrent sites. This check includes preset website lists of PIPCU as well as adult and infringing sites.

How it works

GiG Comply scans webpages for content, links and regulatory requirements, across multiple jurisdictions to uncover unknown sites containing links or promotions with your iGaming brand

Keywords are key

Check whether vital iGaming code-red keywords are present in your promotions.

Simple yet thorough reporting

Simple and easy-to-use reporting tools, which displays and highlights non-compliant findings.

Better partnerships

Reinstate trust in the operator-affiliate relationship again and feel confident to make better deals.

From other industry experts

GiG Comply has helped us to really keep us on top of compliance in an increasingly growing industry. The tool has a smooth interface that allows me to set up my necessary checks whenever I need it, and delivers results fast and nice. Overall, I would highly recommend GiG Comply as the go to tool for marketing compliance

Erik Hedberg
Chief Acquisition Officer, Suprnation

GiG comply has been an easy, fun addition to our regular compliance checks. It is a great tool, we are able to easily run and pull reports at our leisure and we hardly ever have to contact support for further assistance! It is a great tool overall!

Shakyra Jonsson
Senior Affiliate Operations Manager, Betsson

GIG Comply really allows me to optimise my time and results at work, not only I can save time on doing the researches by myself typing keywords into Google and checking endless websites, but it also provides screenshots of each check which makes even easier to understand the results shown in the reports.

Kevin Recarey
Aff. Adm. Manager, Mr. Green/William Hill


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Find and locate unknown domains

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Locate potential popunder promotion

Link checking

Locate any link, anywhere

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Compliance check

Check for content or lack of any on any website

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