We believe in developing our people through investment in education and performance management support. Our GiGsters Academy learning and development portal and our training team, added 28 new courses totalling 153 available courses, enabled and upskilled 631 GiGsters to complete 3,762 courses in 2021.

We invested heavily in external training for our people, with almost 250 people benefiting from external training investments - that’s 47% of the company. Of which 43 received funding for professional certifications such as Professional Scrum Developer, ACCA, Kubernetes, and 42 GiGsters attended virtual or in-person conferences.

Safer Gambling in 2022

We are partnering up with Betknowmore through YGAM for this year’s RG training. Betknowmore UK has launched BKM Evolve to create a new enterprise that aims to address the prevention and reduction of gambling harms through bespoke and accredited training and consultancy programs.

It has been identified that areas such as the workplace, health services, and key front-line workers, require enhanced knowledge skills and resources to enable the safe and effective management of gambling health, risk and compliance issues.

The top 6 highlights of safer gambling training include:

  • Understanding customer vulnerability
  • Understanding gambling harm
  • Understanding safeguarding and managing welfare
  • Enhanced skills for customers interactions
  • Awareness of gambling support services
  • Health and well-being
  • We will undergo our annual YGAM training – GiG operations and compliance team attend a workshop on Safer Gambling.
  • Continue supporting Bournemouth University in three research projects through funding, attendance and our expertise:
  • ”Minimising Gambling Related Harm Through Cognitive Tasks and Interactive Dialogue”
  • EROGamb 2.0 Supporting the Gambling Research Group at Bournemouth University
  • ”Participatory Design of transparency, and the player’s journey in Responsible gambling messages”

Quote from Gemma Edward, Director of People Shared Services and Sustainability:

“ 2021 has been a year of research, fact gathering and measuring for us, which will continue with evaluation and review stages in 2022. We are fully committed to reducing our impact on the global environment, and we are excited to begin our journey in earnest to achieve Net Zero through analysis, reduction and neutralisation. Based on initial indications we believe we can achieve this by 2030. We will publish our strategic roadmap in 2023, with comprehensive measurements and KPIs. “


In 2021 we embarked on the journey every company should be taking to record and report on the 4 categories and 12 subcategories of ESG reporting. We have started the initial planning and are looking to report on all by 2023. Our teams engaged in a number of environmental and conservation initiatives.

Our goals for 2022 onwards:
Environmental sustainability assessment, including full Environmental, Social Governance reporting:

  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions assessment, with the aim of becoming Net Zero by 2030 – we will publish the full strategy on how we will achieve this in 2023.
    • Reducing consumption and waste. We are recycling paper, plastic, glass, organic material, printer toner and batteries in all of our locations, including electronic waste, and we have started to record all of our energy consumption. We aim to reduce our energy and water consumption by 5% in 2022, even though we have more people coming back into offices.
    • Improving merchandise practices. We’re also changing our current merchandise to sustainable products, and reducing CO2 emissions caused by shipments, couriers by changing the shipment type and frequency and awarding digital prizes and rewards instead of physical items. We will reduce our consumption of physical merchandise and related CO2 emissions by 25% in 2022.
  • Focusing on improving our supplier chain ethics including full assessment
    • We embarked upon an initial ESG supply chain rating analysis giving Net Positive observations from the top c.€28m spend;
    • GiG’s Legacy measured c.€10.5m against substantially weighted ESG analyst data.
    • With 66% of spend within the software and Internet sector, meaning the measured ESG investment combined with Microsoft excellent ESG rating performance, gives a good 58.96 ESG score.
  • Creating key measurements and goals
  • Registering Global Reporting Initiative
  • Introduce Global Environmental Policy

Environmental footprint

Promoting paperless and sustainable working

  • Recycling paper, plastic, glass, organic material, printer toner and batteries in all of our locations, including electronic waste
  • 5,226 Google Meets lasting 229,944 mins
  • 5672 Zoom meetings lasting 1503911 mins
  • Slack messaging: 55616 in public channels, 1597473 in private channels, 27277 in shared channels and a total of 8578895 direct message

Reselling IT equipment

Upcycled and donated office equipment, laptops and IT equipmen

Thinking Eco-Friendly

Making our merchandise sustainable from factory worker conditions, material resources and shipping and delivery perspectives.

Reducing our travel footprint

In 2021 our Co2 travel emissions = 91,261kg
We reduced travel and emissions by investing in and optimising digital meeting facilities and communication channels:

Smart energy consumption

Commenced quarterly recording of water and energy consumption with the view to reducing waste, including already installed LED energy saving light systems.

2.53 million Minutes of video conferencing
25,000 Meetings held remotely
12.45 million Slack messages in all channels (private/public/shared)
“Together we make an impact” A value which guides our company culture.