Corporate social responsibility

We find it of great importance to support our people so they thrive at work. We provide them with training and development programmes which empower responsibility and encourage opportunities to lead.

Sustainability Report

Environmental footprint

We have initiated a range of measures to take responsibility and lower our emissions offset. Even though we operate in the lower impact digital space, we consciously operate in everything we do to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum.

Office recycling programme

All waste in our offices, canteens and kitchens are recycled.

Reselling IT equipment

Outdated IT equipment is resold and proceeds are donated to charities.

Thinking reusable

Containers, bamboo straws and edible cups are used to serve food, drinks and ice-cream.

Disposable packaging is minimised by ordering directly from suppliers. An in-office water filtering system reduces the use of plastic bottles.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Two travel-free months in 2018 helped reduce our carbon footprint. Our smart video conferencing set-up in each office connect employees internationally.

Smart energy consumption

Smart lighting is installed in our offices. Lights are motion automated and save energy at night and weekends.

Promoting paperless working

Printed paper usage: one sheet per employee, per day.