Our Strategy

Sustainable and long-term profitable growth is at the core of all aspects of our corporate strategy. We focus our sustainability strategy on areas most relevant to our business.

Sustainability Report

Our Strategy

A Sustainable Business

Sustainable and long-term profitable growth is at the core of all aspects of our corporate strategy. We focus our sustainability strategy on areas most relevant to our business, at the heart of which is responsible gambling. This means offering customers and end users a full suite of solutions across the iGaming value chain, while upholding strict rules to minimise harm caused by gambling; to prevent gambling from being a source of crime, and to ensure it is conducted in a fair and safe way. We value a close relationship with our customers, suppliers and end users which enables us to map out their wishes and needs and train our employees to work in a responsible manner. We support our customers to comply with technical, legislative and responsible marketing demands. GiG is a technology company and it comes naturally to support sustainability through investing in research and innovative technology.

Key achievements

Sustainable and long-term profitable growth is at the core
of all aspects of GiG’s corporate strategy. GiG focuses its sustainability strategy on areas most relevant to its business, at the heart of which is social responsibility. GiG provides a full suite of solutions which enable our partners to organise a responsible gambling offering which satisfies technical, legislative and responsible marketing demands.

Priority areas

Risk mitigation

Pursuant to the objectives of a strategic review initiated in November 2019, during 2020 GiG embarked on a very specific goal to reduce risk and complexity in the business, to focus on value creation and strengthening the balance sheet without any conflicting B2C-B2B strategies. On April 15 2020, we completed the sale of our proprietary brands to Betsson Group, leading to an immediate material reduction in risk and complexity. In Q3 2020, we surrendered our B2C Swedish and GB licences after transitioning partners active in these markets under a SAAS model, and by Q4 2020 we had only two brands on our Malta B2C licence. The goal for 2021 is for GiG to maintain solely strategic brands on its own B2C licence, whereby full control of all operations is a prerequisite.

With the new B2B strategy we off-boarded 65 people in the Betsson acquisition of our customer facing brands, with the security and wellbeing of those affected the priority at all times. We’ve achieved a further organic reduction in headcount to align with organisational demands, whilst maintaining and improving performance.


The Company operates in multiple markets and, as a result, is subject to multiple legislations governing gambling. GiG aims to fully operate in regulated and near-regulated markets globally. Statutory frameworks aim to achieve an appropriate balance between regulatory requirements intended to reduce harm and the desirability of giving end users the freedom to choose how to spend their leisure time on entertainment related to gambling. Our role as a B2B provider is to provide tools and advice to our customers and the end users so they are able to achieve this balance.

Sustainability Priority Areas

Sustainability Priority Areas

Priority Areas

GiG has four priority areas in its social responsibility commitment:

• Fair and Safe iGaming
• IT and Cybersecurity
• Responsible Marketing
• Encourage Employees to Thrive

In addition, we focus on green initiatives throughout all operations to be a conscious user of energy resources and reduce our carbon footprint where possible.

Technology and product

We are constantly looking to elevate our products and technology to ensure that they are both competitive and sustainable. Product, design and technology work closely, and at GiG we are proud of the way these teams work; innovating, forward-thinking and always challenging and pushing each other forward.

We invest in our technology’s scalability, performance and the efficiency at which we deliver solutions. Our new technical chassis will enable us to achieve a true microservice architecture. We ensure that strong governance principles are in place for technology, testing, release management and product delivery, which allows us to deliver effectively and towards best practices.

The B2B services, including GIG Core (online gaming platform), and GIG Sports (proprietary sportsbook), are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (licence number: MGA/CRP/330/2016 issued on the 1st August 2018) and the UK Gambling Commission (44073).

The licences are held by iGamingCloud Limited (Company Reg. No. C48466 of @GIG Beach, Triq id-Dragunara, St. Julians, STJ3148, Malta.)

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