Our Strategy

Sustainable and long-term profitable growth is at the core of all aspects of our corporate strategy. We focus our sustainability strategy on areas most relevant to our business.

Sustainability Report

Our Strategy

A Sustainable Business

Sustainable and long-term profitable growth is at the core of all aspects of our corporate strategy. We focus our sustainability strategy on areas most relevant to our business, at the heart of which is responsible gambling. This means offering customers and end users a full suite of solutions across the iGaming value chain, while upholding strict rules to minimise harm caused by gambling; to prevent gambling from being a source of crime, and to ensure it is conducted in a fair and safe way. We value a close relationship with our customers, suppliers and end users which enables us to map out their wishes and needs and train our employees to work in a responsible manner. We support our customers to comply with technical, legislative and responsible marketing demands. GiG is a technology company and it comes naturally to support sustainability through investing in research and innovative technology.


GiG is building a sustainable business to provide a fair and safe gambling environment for its customers and all end users, adding long-term value to all stakeholders. The Company has continuously invested in its legal, compliance and Player Safety Teams. We monitor customer accounts continuously and use data, reporting tools and transaction monitoring tools to identify playing patterns which may indicate a person having a risk of problem gambling. By adopting a duty of care, we do not solely look at our risks; our primary focus is on the player, whose wellbeing is central to our operations.

Priority areas


GiG collaborates with the industry to combine efforts and address issues in a more powerful way. We work closely with peers and other organisations to encourage a responsible attitude to gambling and to address gambling related harm. In 2019, GiG started collaborations with amongst others, Bournemouth University, YGAM, and Responsible Gambling Week, in collaboration with industry peers. The aim is to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing, participate in research and best practices on how to protect end users.


The Company operates in multiple markets and, as a result, is subject to multiple legislations governing gambling. GiG aims to fully operate in regulated and near-regulated markets globally. Statutory frameworks aim to achieve an appropriate balance between regulatory requirements intended to reduce harm and the desirability of giving end users the freedom to choose how to spend their leisure time on entertainment related to gambling. Our role as a B2B provider is to provide tools and advice to our customers and the end users so they are able to achieve this balance.

Sustainability Priority Areas

Sustainability Priority Areas

Priority Areas

GiG has four priority areas in its social responsibility commitment:

• Fair and Safe iGaming
• IT and Cybersecurity
• Responsible Marketing
• Encourage Employees to Thrive

In addition, we focus on green initiatives throughout all operations to be a conscious user of energy resources and reduce our carbon footprint where possible.

Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

GiG strives to align sustainability objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in order to accelerate its collective progress on the world’s most important social and environmental challenges. We have prioritised our alignment with the nine SDGs (listed below) which are the most relevant and material to our business, indicated by where they sit on the priority wheel.