Safer gambling

Player safety is one of our core values. We understand that a sustainable business requires a long-term relationship with customers built on trust, fairness and keeping players safe by minimising potential gambling-related harms.

Sustainability Report

Safer Gambling

Responsible Gambling

GiG’s gambling operations are conducted in a sound and secure manner with a high level of consumer protection. Our aim is to uphold social responsibility, minimise the risk of end users experiencing harm caused by gambling, and to ensure gambling is not used in connection with or to support, criminal activity. GiG is entirely committed to protecting children and vulnerable people from being exposed to potential harm or exploitation from gambling.


We want our end users to treat gambling as recreation and spend only what they can afford to risk. For some, it can be more difficult and therefore our operations adopt the best practices of responsible gambling and technical compliance.


GiG’s operational practices include a dedicated team of player safety advisors who continuously monitor behaviour and customer chats and act upon alerts by interacting with those customers to ensure they receive support and advice.

Our Operations

Player Safety Team

We have a fully dedicated team of Player Safety (PS) advisors that is completely focused on detecting ‘at-risk’ players, interacting with end users and evaluating the outcome of these interactions with the help of our data team. The PS team receives real time alerts, escalations and daily reports in order to proceed with an account review of consumers at potential risk and proceed with a safer gambling interaction, when needed. The Player Safety Team works closely with operational and compliance teams to provide timely support in order to minimise risk for end users.


We provide a range of safer gambling tools to our end users to put limits to their gaming. These tools allow end users to decide in advance how much time or money they are able or willing to spend. If an end user decides to modify or remove these limits they go through a cooling-off period to allow them to reflect on their gaming.

GiG Protect

At GiG we understand the importance of identifying early signs of potential gambling-related harm. With this goal we have developed our AI machine learning system to help us identify end users who may be at risk.


All our employees complete regular training on safer gambling and our end user facing teams receive advanced training in these areas.
We provide a range of online, face-to-face training and safer gambling workshops throughout the year.

  • GiG Academy: Our training department has, in cooperation with our safer gambling and compliance experts, created an interactive online training programme which covers all the regulatory requirements in terms of RG.
  • Safer Gambling Workshops: We develop tailor-made, face-to-face training for different departments, highlighting key knowledge regarding safer gambling and sustainability in their area of work.
  • Motivational Interviewing training: MI helps people resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities to find the internal motivation they need to change their behaviour. This support style is particularly helpful with people at risk of gambling-related harm.
  • Mental Health First Aid: We partner with the Richmond Foundation Malta which offers Mental Health First Aid training to our staff.
  • safeTALK: Our consumer facing staff attend a half-day workshop which provides them with the practical knowledge they need to identify someone at risk of suicide and link them to life-saving services.
  • GamCare: We outsource leading Safer Gambling training providers to complement our training so we not only provide best-in-class internal training, but also top-rated external training



Preventing Crime

GiG adopts a strict policy and does not accept any end users whose funds have emanated from ill-gotten means. This complies with all applicable obligations in relation to AML and Customer Due Diligence obligations. End users are identified through various automated processes at point of registration (depending on the country of registration) and GiG interacts with the players on a progressive basis with the intent to reverify the player identity and establish transactional activity and seek to understand the player profile, thus tailoring appropriate controls on a risk-based approach.

Responsible Marketing

Marketing and Advertising

GiG highly values transparency in its marketing advertisement communications and informs the end user in clear and plain language of the full terms and conditions displayed prominently within the main body of an advert.

We adhere to the rules applied to marketing communication advertisement used to promote our brands and any information related to them, by us or by any third party acting on our behalf.

Prevention of Advertising to under 18's

Marketing and advertising are not aimed at or should not appeal to children and persons younger than 18 and should carry appropriate warnings about underage gambling.

On our responsible gambling pages we offer information on various protection tools which parents and guardians can implement to prevent underage gambling.

Marketing and advertising compliance

The marketing compliance team is well integrated with the marketing teams and provides guidelines which are to be followed so that our marketing is responsible and meets the regulatory standards of moderation.

In addition, the team carries out an oversight function to ensure that published marketing material follows internal guidelines and policies.

Affiliate compliance

We built a compliance tool called GiG Comply in response to operators’ need to improve compliance oversight and responsible gambling. This monitoring service is designed to further strengthen marketers’ control over third-party advertising and brand protection.

GiG Comply drives responsible gambling by providing improved visibility of where and how brands are being advertised.