Use of AI-led algorithms for safer gambling

11 November, 2019

GiG has a specified intent to make online gambling fun and fair and one key strand of that strategy is to create a safe, enjoyable and sustainable gaming service to our customers. Our approach to player safety not only heightens player protection, it also promotes a more sustainable customer base, through increased use of responsible gambling tools and customer self-awareness. As acquisition of players becomes more difficult due to the regulatory climate, it is increasingly important to manage player accounts more effectively.

GiG makes use of ML and AI solutions developed in-house which looks at three initial areas of data: the person behind the player, value segmentation and spending metrics and rational payments and casino activity metrics. Each area is then broken down into hundreds of predictors. As a simplistic guide, we look at who the player is, age, sex, area, registration details, device and timing etc. We also take into account deposit amounts and regularity, payment methods and patterns plus time of gameplay and casino patterns. All these predictors have been measured against our historic database of self-excluded accounts from all our core markets over the last five years, and corresponding trends and patterns that are associated with self-excluded accounts are identified and measured.

GiG’s player safety team (PS) is a frontline entity on responsible gambling. Their remit is to proactively monitor player accounts in real time, to highlight possible areas of concern and sudden spikes of player behaviour and betting patterns. Our strategy is to interact as early as possible, to ensure customers are being given an informed choice of the various RG tools available and to safeguard against an escalation of potential harm. Once highlighted, players are interacted with, using a variety of communication channels such as phone, email and personalised on-site messaging.

All our player safety advisors receive an in-depth and comprehensive training programme, concentrating not only on analysing and acting on financial triggers, but also the behaviour and psychology behind the customers at risk of developing harmful gambling patterns. In addition to an ongoing training schedule in-house, the PS advisors are given accredited training from GamCare on responsible gambling and motivating behavioural change.

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