GiG employees donate to local charities in return for their daily coffee

26 March, 2018

February marked two special events in GiG’s five year history: the founding of GiG Gives, and GiG Gives’ first donation to a local charity, Puttinu Cares.

GiG Gives is a charitable project sponsored by GiG. Its mission is to give back to the local communities we GiGsters are part of – primarily by encouraging employees to make donations in exchange for their free coffee at work to different local charities.


As GiGsters we get so many great perks through work, including free breakfast and lunch, as well as top-notch quality artisan coffee provided by our supremely talented barista. A small but important way of giving back is by making donations to selected charities every time when enjoying our coffee bar and barista services. Every month these donations are collected and given to a deserving local charity nominated by employees.

February’s charity of choice was the Puttinu Cares Foundation in honour of World Cancer Day, which was on Sunday 4th February. Puttinu Cares is a local NGO that strives towards the holistic care for families whose children are suffering from cancer. As part of the GiG Gives initiative we invited Lorna Smith – a representative for Puttinu Cares – to speak at @GiGBeach for World Cancer Day.

Farah Fawzi of GiG commented: “I am so happy to announce that GiG Gives has already produced some amazing results just after one month. €1,336 were collected just in coffee-donations, which GiG topped up to €2,000!

“I was delighted to present the cheque on behalf of all GiGsters to Ms Angele Cuschieri, a representative of Puttinu Cares and a nurse at the Rainbow Ward. She applauded all the work being done thanks to the donations Puttinu Cares receives.

“It’s always been a core value of every GiGster to make great stuff happen, and what could be greater than giving a helping hand to those who truly need it? By setting up GiG Gives, we are recognising that our employees are in a position to help and invite them to give back and spread some kindness around”

The €2,000 will be used by Puttinu Cares to finance a new block of apartments in central London. These apartments will provide accommodation for between 60-90 families a month who require medical treatment in the UK.

We have already selected the charity GiG Gives will support for March – the Migrant Women Association Malta in celebration of International Women’s Day.

GiG would love to hear from other local charities. Please contact us by emailing [email protected], if you wish to be considered for future donations via GiG Gives.

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