Our Early Talent offer provides opportunities to students and recent graduates to work with a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you grow and develop your skills.

Each year we offer a number of summer internships, apprenticeships or graduate schemes within our business or technical departments.


During your experience, you will have a chance to work on projects that directly impact our business, and you will also have access to a mentor, training, and networking opportunities that will help you succeed in your future endeavours.


What are the benefits of joining our Early Talent Programme?

  • Structured learning and development opportunities
  • Gain practical experience in your field
  • Learn from experienced professionals and guidance & support
  • Build your professional network and make valuable connections
  • Have fun and join our social events


Read testimonials from our previous student apprentices, and learn more about how to take full advantage of this opportunity, and how it can help build your career.


Meet Andre Sciberras, a DevOps Engineer at GiG, taking advantage, like many before him, of our internship and apprenticeship programme.


The beginning of any large project can be a daunting prospect, and when this project is your career, something you are likely to do for a huge chunk of your time, you could be forgiven for taking caution with your choices.


If your formative years and education are so important, how do you get started?

We at GiG understand that we are the sum of our parts, and that part of our responsibility as a sustainable and responsible player in the development of new technologies can provide that perfect environment of care needed.


Where did the interest in being a dev start?

My interest in software development started when I was in secondary school. I was first introduced to Java and I started to develop a passion for coding because I really liked the aspect of creating the logic for a program and seeing it work after a lot of testing and trial and error.

What attracted you to a career at GiG, what is the team dynamics like?

Before even considering applying for an internship at GiG, I’ve always known that the company had a great reputation, and when I saw an internship opportunity with the InfoSec team I decided to give it a shot. When I joined, I immediately noticed positive differences between working at GiG versus working with other companies.


One of the main aspects of GiG that I really liked was the people that make up this company. I’ve never had a problem that I didn’t find someone willing to help me solve. There are alot of intelligent minds here and having a conversation with anyone can lead to interesting revelations. Sharing ideas with the rest of my team and having discussions is easy and I’ve never felt inadequate because I lacked knowledge in some topic as my teammates were more than happy to fill in the gaps and give me a direction in which to grow in and improve my skill sets.


How has the focus on personal development at GiG helped you?

Being an intern at GiG helped me develop an effective framework for learning new ideas and technologies while also reinforcing my passion for the IT world. Working at GiG made me want to make better decisions in both my professional and personal life, not just related to IT.


What next for your career?

Right now I’m working on finishing my bachelor’s degree while also learning the technologies and methodologies adopted by the DevOps platform team so that I can secure my position within this company and start my professional life.


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