Part one of our big data and AI blog focused on the importance of Ai in business today, how AI is shaking up the gaming world and big data analysis. Part two takes a look at Artificial intelligence and company culture, and human intelligence and AI working together to create a successful AI-powered business.

Human intelligence

There is an additional element to this ecosystem that is paramount to the success of AI and that is ‘human intelligence’.The main intention of AI is to support humanless interaction, something which has resulted in a negative perception of AI technology, however, this should be looked at as a positive aspect. The introduction of AI helps to create more consistency, results in less human error and ultimately cuts time and costs in certain areas of business, something that we should look at in a positive light.

In areas such as customer services, fraud detection and payment processing departments, for example, machine learning reduces the need to have large teams dedicating hours to solving the same problems, problems that can be resolved in a faster time by a machine. The implementation of machine learning allows human time to be better spent on other areas of human input that will help to further resolve issues and advance machine learning processes.

Ultimately we should be less fearful of intelligence and be more aware of how we can use it to better aid our business strategies and processes. Implementing advanced technology and intelligence into a company structure is never an easy task, resistance will always be the biggest hurdle that any business will face, regardless of the industry. If departments are not aligned on how to embrace this new technology, then it is extremely difficult to embrace digital transformation and create a successful AI-powered organisation.

AI and Company Culture

The final piece of the puzzle comes in the form of a term we are all familiar with ‘company culture’. If new intelligence is to be introduced to an entire organisation on a large scale, then it is imperative that the company culture adapts to mirror these changes and embrace the technology to create a seamless company-wide experience, otherwise resistance will hinder the success.

Without having a culture in place that embraces AI technology, even the most advanced data platforms won’t succeed. To become an AI-powered business, all data teams company-wide need to be educated in the need for proper governance and control for data to fully embrace the intelligence and to get the maximum benefits from the technology.

Emphasis should be placed on creating a culture that derives insights from one single source of truth with defined key performance indicators, ensuring that decisions are taken on the results of models that are interpreted as they should.

Embracing the Future of AI

This new form of intelligence is not without its obstacles. Any business embracing AI technology will need to ensure that they are compliant with new regulations, have a robust security system, quality control and a data governance model in place that strengthens capability without restricting insights from AI.

AI might not be ready to take over the world quite yet. But If the right company culture is in place, one that is open to embracing this intelligence and adapting it into daily operations, it is undeniably set to have the edge in today’s unforgiving market.

Stephen Borg, Director of Data

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