Encourage employees to thrive

We find it of great importance to support employees so they thrive at work and to provide them with training and development programmes which empower responsibility and encourage opportunities to lead.

Sustainability Report

Training and Development

GiG Academy

Our aim is to build a long term sustainable workforce, and training and development is at the very heart of this. This year saw an increase in online personal development courses, with over 40% of GiGsters having attended one or more external digital courses, while more than 150 other GiGsters benefited from in-house built workshops on leadership development, giving and receiving feedback, dealing with change and Agile development. Our training portal, the GiGsters Academy, saw our people complete over 3900 courses, receive almost 1500 certificates, achieve an average test pass rate of 89%, and complete nearly three months of total training time.

Developing a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workforce


Our aim is to build a long term sustainable workforce, and every project or initiative is implemented with this in mind.

  • We have created and implemented competency frameworks across all teams, which means we can develop them based on their own insights and established key strengths. We have used these to develop tailored training programmes, and complimented the frameworks with Objective Key Results, and completing their Personal Development Plans.
  • Our people operations team implemented the automation of performance and salary reviews with a new HRIS system, reducing costs and maximising the simplicity and efficiency for our people – future proofing our processes and scalability.
  • We welcomed back six boomerang GiGsters and received 215 referrals from colleagues, from which we sourced 24 colleagues, and permanently employed 19 who passed their six month probationary period.

Family Friendly Measures

Insider and Trading Policy

GiG is committed to supporting parenthood and offers one of the most progressive leave entitlements of its kind in the industry for southern European countries.

We find it essential to provide an attractive and inspiring work environment that will enhance employees’ performance and wellbeing at the workplace. Our ways of working and flexible environment allow us to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Equal Opportunities Employer

As a founding member of the all-in diversity project, we take equality, diversity and inclusion very seriously and have committed ourselves to its ideals since our conception, living them every day.

We are an equal opportunities employer and are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. We are blind to gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability, and we respect the uniqueness of every GiGster. We constantly challenge ourselves to do better in every aspect, and we’re currently operating at a 67.9% male to 32.1% female split, which in our industry is still one of the best ratios, however, we are challenging ourselves to do better in this area. From our own female leaders showcasing pathways into the industry to educating and encouraging others to join communities and pursue a career in the spaces we occupy. If you are the best for the role, we will hire you.

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