GiG’s priority areas in its social responsibility commitment

11 November, 2019

Our vision and commitment is to make iGaming fair and fun for all. The goal of the sustainability report is to explain how GiG runs a sustainable business, our key focus areas and how we conduct our business in a responsible way for all stakeholders. We are creating a culture of social responsibility to ensure compliance, promote responsible gambling, adopt best practice and improve the social impact on our industry.

Sustainable and long-term profitable growth is at the core of all aspects of our corporate strategy. We focus our sustainability strategy on areas most relevant to our business, at the heart of which is responsible gambling. This means offering customers and end users a full suite of solutions across the iGaming value chain while upholding strict rules to minimise harm caused by gambling; to prevent gambling from being a source of crime; and to ensure it is conducted in a fair and safe way. 

GiG has marked three priority areas in its social responsibility commitment within the sustainability strategy: 

  1. Fair and safe iGaming 
  2. Responsible marketing and advertising 
  3. Encourage employees to thrive

The sustainability report lays down our priorities and actions to build a sustainable business. We are committed to progressively working towards our sustainability goals and report on progress and development in annual sustainability reporting. In doing so, we make use of tracking data and statistics to analyse, monitor and improve key indicators. 



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