Drive your digital transformation by partnering with GiG

GiG omnichannel solution provides a strong presence in both the online and offline world

Can be integrated with any casino management system

Increase customer convenience, player lifetime value and retention

Utilise your brand values across multiple channels

Build continued loyalty with your brand

Drive loyalty & retention with detailed player spending insights

GiG Omnichannel solution provides a full cross-channel offering, featuring one single point of registration, one shared wallet and one shared loyalty system across your retail and online business.


Dual Registration

Uninterrupted player journey between retail and online

One seamless registration for all channels

Improve player experience and engagement

Faster player onboarding


Shared Loyalty

Broadens brand equity

Increase brand awareness through all channels

Drives loyalty & retention

Unified loyalty across all systems


Shared Wallet

Increased customer convenience

Detailed player spending insights

Improved value throughout the customer journey

Reduced payment processing fees

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