During yesterday’s press conference held at the GiG headquarters, the Maltese Minister for European Affairs and Equality thanked GiG for its fantastic conditions of employment and implied that GiG is well-placed in the nationwide ‘employer of the year’ competition.


“I would like to thank GiG for its fantastic conditions of employment and propose that your employees nominate you for the Employer of the Year award” said the Minister for European Affairs and Equality, Helena Dalli.

Malta Pride

The press conference was hosted by GiG to launch Malta Pride Week.


Mikael Angman, COO of GiG comments “We’re unbelievably proud to be the main sponsors of Malta Pride this year, we’ve worked hard to raise the visibility of this event to campaign for equality for all, through our media platforms and have gained unparalleled level of press coverage.”


He continues: “A huge part of that is to have a diverse workforce and provide an atmosphere where everyone can be the best version of themselves, no matter their background or sexual orientation. We want to encourage everyone to be able to be who they are without fear. We’ve achieved this by putting our money where our mouth is and offering the best benefits and perks in Malta.”

GiG offers a groundbreaking six weeks of paternity leave for partners compared to the standard mandatory one day in Malta. It doesn’t stop here, the iGaming frontrunner wants to spread the love by offering 10 days marriage leave to any GiGster who’s getting married, regardless of who or where you’re marrying.

GiG’s work environment

The @GiG Beach headquarter offices are surrounded by a unique work environment. GiG’s vision is to open-up iGaming to make it fair and fun for all, because we believe that life should be fair and fun for all. In GIG we pledge to promote diversity and equality. We want to contribute to the successful future of the iGaming sector by being a frontrunner in promoting opportunity for all.


You see a wealth of liberal features in @GIG Beach. We offer free breakfast and lunch to all staff, every day. Our gym is offering state of the art cardio and muscle equipment promoting wellness and health. Our library is there to grow our intellect. The auditorium for people to practise communication and presentations skills. A game of table soccer, tennis or simply a rest in our sky net might nurture your mind when the fast pace of technology seems overwhelming.

At GiG you’re measured on your future innovations and not your past achievements. Technologies are changing rapidly. The internet never sleeps. And that’s why we want to give our people an environment where they can be the most creative and playful version of themselves.

With our staff’s mind at peace, with their hearts playful, we can continue to nurture the most disruptive ideas from inception to scale. To add value to the life of our customers, clients and local communities.

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