Ensuring that your iGaming operation is always one step ahead and remains compliant with vital rules and regulations in all regulated markets.

Our RG features allow you to immediately detect high risk and vulnerable players by detecting patterns of problem gambling, through our real-time automation. The process works by notifying the operations team immediately through direct messaging systems when an incident takes place, enabling you to take control and prevent self-exclusions, risk, fraud, and AML.

Responsible Gaming

Some gamblers do not necessarily know they are suffering from problematic gambling. Our RG tools monitor player behavior and assess if that player is approaching a point of self-exclusion.

If that risk-assessment is too high, our tools notify the operations player safety teams in real-time via automated alerts. This allows you to intervene with direct messages at the time of the event, helping to prevent incidents such as self-exclusion and allowing you to better predict and act on problem gaming to generate sustainable long-term player relationships.

Risk and Fraud

Our risk and fraud prevention and incident control tools allow you to detect potential illegitimate and high-risk transactions instantly through automated alerts which are sent directly to your live agents in real-time, allowing them to react as these events happen.

Our platform’s anti-money laundering features ensure that any abnormal playing patterns, transactions, monetary value, source of wealth, and payment methods are automatically detected and directly reported. This helps you to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements designed to help eliminate money laundering and combat financial crime.

A sustainable future

We support our partners and their players to drive sustainable growth and to comply with technical, legislative and responsible marketing demands.

We believe that achieving a sustainable business requires a long-term relationship with our partners built on trust, At GiG, we are with you on every step of your iGaming journey, helping to ensure that you drive a more sustainable and safer gaming experience for your business and your players.

Why GiG Data?

Real-time data platform

Optimised and tailored automations

Increase your customer retention by 14% higher than the market average

Reducing your self exclusion rate by 17%

Responsible Gaming, anti-money laundering, risk & fraud detection

Creating a more sustainable future

The trusted platform partner

Beside you every step of your iGaming journey

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