Earlier this month we officially finalised the acquisition of our market leading tier 1 sportsbook platform, Sportnco, which presents some very exciting times ahead for GiG. Today, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to David Bonnefous Saavedra, Head of sales for Sportnco, and find out what he has to say about his expectations and what’s to come in the future for GiG, his take on what operators should consider when looking for a sportsbook provider and which sports event he is most excited for this year.


How have things changed for Sportnco since being acquired by GiG?

Things are changing little by little in a very positive sense that everyone is moving in the same direction. There is a lot of excitement, enthusiasm and positive energy. This acquisition has opened new doors and opportunities for Sportnco on all fronts in regards to regulated markets, our product and to be a part of a large group such as GiG. There is goodwill and mutual support from both sides which certainly will allow us to do great things together. On a personal level, it is also a great pride to be a part of this family, and a kind of reward for all the work invested in our Sportsbook. We know that the best is yet to come, it will be done little by little by building on our foundations and our values.


What are you most looking forward to over the next six months as part of the extended GiG family?

To get to know each other, learn from each other and to form a united team. It is above all to create a symbiosis with a togetherness and to share common values between GiG and Sportnco. We are therefore eager to discover the GiG universe and to meet our new colleagues and partners. There is already progress on the Sportnco side that would not have been possible without GiG, and probably vice versa. New doors have already opened to us, and now the next question is what’s behind the next door? It’s quite an exhilarating metaphor.


Which do you consider to be the most important features for operators to consider when selecting a sportsbook platform?

The first thing to consider would be to make sure that the sportsbook is adaptable so that it can be tailored to the operator’s needs. At Sportnco, we like to underline that Sportnco is not just any sportsbook, but a differentiated sportsbook adaptable to each operator. It is important that the sportsbook product is a continuity of the operator’s brand and its B2C marketing operations through its dedicated offer and odds. It is important to think about the market you are operating in and to ensure that the provider you select is able to deliver what you need. Offering a sportsbook in Mexico for example is completely different to Sweden, and those different needs need to be considered to suit the market, and most importantly the players of that country.

In terms of expectations and trends of features, each has its moment of glory and it’s a bit like fashion. There was the cash out trend, then the player props trend and now it’s the bet-builder that has the focus of attention. Beyond the sportsbook features the most important thing is flexibility, adapted offers and a strong partnership with the operators to ensure that the B2C marketing is linked to the B2B sportsbook. This flexibility, reactivity, adaptation and partnership are the keys of Sportnco.


What do you predict the future has in store for the world of sportsbook platforms in terms of industry trends?

It would be a bit pretentious for me to say where the Gambling Sportsbook industry will go, but I believe that industrialisation will gradually give way to differentiation. In this respect, I think that the introduction of artificial intelligence in sports betting will really have its say. The player, once connected, will immediately have their favourite competitions and bets. Making betting as easy and as quick as possible seems to be the holy grail that many want to find. After all, sports betting is first and foremost entertainment and this crusade of pleasure will inevitably have a direction.


How do you ensure that the Sportnco sportsbook stays ahead of the game and adapts to different sports interests and markets around the globe?

Our focus always lies on regulated markets and their characteristics such as safety of play, fighting against addiction, against fraud, a balance between play and pleasure. We started in France, one of the most demanding and restricted markets in the world, to expand into other regulated markets is an easier path than starting with a grey market operation and transforming it to a regulated operation. In addition, customer satisfaction is really important to us and we really act more like a partner than a supplier. A customer will never be just a number to us, everyone is considered.

In terms of our offering, our trading team is aware of the particularities of each new market we enter. Again, the offer must be adapted to the players in the country. Depending on the regulated markets some odds do not have the same weight. For example, the Rugby World Cup final between France and New Zealand in 2011, France had disproportionate odds above 5.00, far from the reality of the field. Therefore, all bettors in the regulated French market took their chances on France, legitimately. This did not prevent Sportnco from remaining competitive by keeping the odds for France very high, since we were aware of the expectations of the French players and the market.


What’s next, what can we expect over the coming months?

Our goal is to make our sportsbook the number 1 Tier-1 provider in the world. The motivation and desire is there and I have no doubt about the final success in us meeting this goal. We are seeing more and more operators place trust in us, some time and time again for new market entries, which makes us very proud.


We have an exciting year of live sports ahead of us for the first time in a long time, which of these do you expect our sports betting partners to have the biggest player engagement in throughout the year?

I would say that we return a little bit to normality in terms of sport. Last year, there were major sports competitions but in empty stadiums, it was a bit hollow, which also affected the terms of sports betting. It is with an audience that sacred places of sports find their magic, for example we saw it with Real Madrid in the Champions League, but also in rugby with the Six Nations. This is all felt at the level of the punters. 2022 is first and foremost a World Cup year, so naturally focus will lie on the major upcoming competitions, even though it is in an unusual autumn season. Furthermore, we are waiting for the major tennis tournaments, the soccer season starting in August 2022/2023, as well as the return of the NFL in early September with the Rams who will try to hold their position, and the season after the real-false retirement of Tom Brady with the Buccaneers.


Which upcoming sports events are you looking forward to the most during 2022?

I am obliged to say the soccer world cup. As far as sports betting is concerned, it is always a great moment for us as a B2B provider. It really is a special competition with often unpredictable results. In gambling, the World Cup remains a major event generating high betting spikes and mass appeal. In fact, many people only bet during the World Cup. Some are extra time fanatics, others try their luck on the underdogs. It really is almost a month of celebration around the event but also around sports betting. Each match of the World Cup is almost a story in itself in the sports betting industry. For example, the general public may not remember Toni Kroos’ goal against Sweden. As a sportsbook provider I can tell you that we will not forget it anytime soon.


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Anna Glowacki, Sales and Marketing Analyst

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