It can be hard to monitor your affiliates acting on websites especially if they are promoting you on sites mentioned on The Infringing Website List (IWL), formed by the London Police.

This list is now being updated daily by PIPCU (City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit), and with the increasing interest from Gambling Regulator, at GiG Comply we believe that it is now more important than ever to be aware of your brand is being promoted on infringing websites and to make sure that your brand stays safe online. 

From our experience, many brands don’t have an overview of if they are being promoted on sites that appear on the IWL list and that there is an increased need to make sure that their brand is compliant. In addition, many brands find the task of staying compliant unmanageable and hard to monitor. 

With GiG Comply we can automate this process for you, today, setting up comprehensive checks that ensure that your brand is not associated with any illegal websites, viruses and malware. You decide which jurisdictions and criteria you want to look for, and GiG Comply delivers a report showing which sites your brand is being exposed on with the exact time and date your brand was being exposed. 

GiG Comply gives you the possibility to take back control of your brand and to make sure your brand is protected from being exposed on infringing websites. 

We have already helped many of our clients set up compliance checks, to make sure that they are not being promoted on infringing websites. If you are concerned by the recent update made by the City of London Police, contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at

Rasmus Bank Nielsen, Customer & Sales Manager



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