As part of our strategic plan to better align our sales, marketing and business development departments and to allow us to continue to strengthen our growth, we have hired four new additions to the Commercial team. We caught up with them all to find out a bit more about them, their background, what they will bring to the team and what they are most excited about. Introducing you to David Elmore, VP of Sales North America, Rachael Butcher, Head of Sales, Rebecca Attard, Business Development Specialist and Anna Glowacki, Sales & Marketing Analyst.



Rachel Butcher, Head of Sales

How does a Sales role fit into the sales and marketing process?

I believe that sales help to develop the relationship further with the marketplace which marketing ignites. We engage customers by understanding their requirements and providing them with technology to enable them to operate as quickly as possible in their respective markets.

What challenges will you help the sales to overcome?

Ultimately I will help in assisting in meeting our sales targets, by developing a strong sales pipeline. I look to achieve this by bringing in new contacts and knowledge to the team, accessing my network to deliver a wider network.

It will also be my responsibility to help the commercial team in defining and delivering a sales strategy that aids the bigger picture at GiG. By assessing GiG’s USPs and aligning the sales delivery with that of the company’s objectives. I will also be looking at how to align Help align and strengthen the sales and marketing process by analysing the overall market in terms of competition.



David Elmore, VP of Sales

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining GiG

Before joining GiG, I served as the Global Sales and Support Manager for the Kobetron division at Gaming Laboratories International. In this role, I managed the overall functions of the division including business development, sales, review and approval of software updates, client training and customer service. I began my career with GLI in 2007, as a Technical Compliance Engineer. I was promoted to the position of Development Representative for Suppliers, Lotteries, Tribes, and State Governments before becoming the Manager for Kobetron in 2016.

What excites you the most about your new role?

I have served Tribal communities for over fourteen years. During that time, I have come to respect and appreciate the people and their cultures. I have developed many long-term relationships and friends during that time.

Providing new technologies and revenue streams for my clients is extremely important. I am excited about presenting the new opportunities that GiG has to offer.

What will you bring to the team?

I am usually bursting at the seams with energy and a positive attitude. I have always believed that you can’t stop someone who will never quit. I am fanatical about mining for opportunities that can help my clients. I enjoy working with people to assess their current needs and creating a solution that will move them forward. I am committed to being involved in the entire process from start to finish to ensure that my clients know I will not leave until the job is done. One of my goals during the process is to meet if not exceed their expectations.

What challenges do you anticipate in your new role as the VP of Sales?

I think one of the first challenges is deciding where to put your first footprint. How challenging will it be to renew all my old relationships? This is especially true with the current state of the gaming industry after the last 18 months. Who is still left and who are the new decision-makers? Where does GiG fit in the US market that is currently being dominated by Draft Kings, Fan Duel, BetMGM and others? All of these questions and more need to be answered and that can only be done by putting in the work. That means going to shows, making your calls and your on-site visits. Staying on top of the latest news for both the State and Tribal regulators and lastly, prospecting, prospecting, prospecting.


Rebecca Attard, Business
Development Specialist

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining GiG

Prior to joining GiG, I held various Sales and Business Development positions in the Tourism and Corporate Services industries. Throughout my career, I came to learn how important it is for a company to identify and assess business growth opportunities as well as creating new business relationships and nurturing the existing relationships in order to drive high levels of customer satisfaction. I have also worked closely with Marketing teams to create new campaigns to target clients and have represented the companies I worked at various industry conferences and events. Outside of work, you can find me catching up with friends, chilling with a nice book, getting on a plane to explore somewhere new or enjoying the occasional walk in the countryside.

What are some of the most important aspects of a BD role?

Business Development is fundamental for any business to succeed as it connects all the business’s functions and departments together to help the business expand and grow, increase sales and potential revenues, improve the product offering in line with the industry requirements, establish meaningful relationships with the company’s partners as well as improve the level of customer satisfaction.

How does a BD role fit into the sales and marketing process?

It is very important that the sales, marketing and business development departments work together and be strongly coordinated on working towards the same goal in order to be able to achieve the business objectives. Whilst Business Development is responsible for identifying opportunities and creating business relationships, it works closely with Marketing to be able to reach out to targeted potential customers through campaigns in order to deliver high-quality leads which the Sales team then convert into signed deals.

What challenges will you help the Commercial team to overcome?

One of the main tasks to start working on is going to be to help profile the ideal potential clients to target as well as explore any interesting new markets to continue growing the business. I will also be working on identifying key areas of improvement on our products and services in comparison to our competitors to strive in making GiG the market leader.

I will also be responsible for nurturing relationships with existing partners and seek to build relationships with new partners to continue growing the GiG Marketplace and expanding the range of solutions that we can offer to our clients. Overall one of the main aspects of the role will be to support sales and marketing with all processes and work towards helping to eliminate any possible blockers within the workflow to help strengthen workflows with other teams throughout the organisation.



Anna Glowacki, Sales and Marketing Analyst

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining GiG

Two years ago I graduated from university in Sweden with my Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics. Striving for an international career I was happy to receive the opportunity to move to Malta to work as a Financial Accountant for a Swedish company. Throughout my experience in Finance, I learnt a lot about business, financial reporting, analysis, forecasting and more. Nevertheless, as an outgoing person, I missed the more creative side of the business which drew me to the role of a Sales and Marketing Analyst in the gaming industry.

What attracted you to the position and GiG as a company?

In the role as a Sales and Marketing Analyst, I get to combine my skills and interest in numbers and analytics, as well as the creative side of marketing and sales. One of the best parts of this position is the competent team I will be part of. I look forward to working closely with both sales, marketing and business development to learn from each other, share knowledge and ideas. This role provides a great opportunity to continuously develop in various areas. Last but not least, GiG, tech and the overall gaming industry has a great reputation as a great and fun place to work with a lot of opportunities!

What are you most excited about within your new role?

I am excited to contribute with new insights to our current marketing strategy and find new creative ways to market the company while improving and increasing GiG’s brand awareness in the industry.

What challenges will you help the Commercial team to overcome?

I will work to better utilise our existing resources like Salesforce, Pardot and Google Analytics to extract, present and analyze data for us to make better business decisions. I will also work towards increasing alignment between sales and marketing by analysing the response of our marketing campaigns and the leads they generate on our sales side of the business. Sales and Marketing go hand in hand and I look forward to making a positive impact on sales through our marketing efforts. Overall, I am excited to assist the marketing department in analysing our campaigns through gathering and presenting key data to increase our understanding of the current perception of our marketing campaigns and the number of leads these generate. This will lead us to improve our marketing strategy for 2022 by allowing us to study our ROI and tailor our campaigns according to our findings.


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