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A new era of platform, sportsbook & AI technology

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Discover the revolutionary X-suite

A new era of platform, sportsbook and AI technology.

Revolutionary AI solutions

Innovative, real-time reporting and intelligent rules based solutions, built to maximise your acquisition and retention, powering results.

A new era of platform technology

Revolutionary, scalable and highly adaptable multi-jurisdictional platform technology, driving limitless growth for our partners.

Powerful new sportsbook technology

Powerful sportsbook specifically tailored and localised to your strategy, driving growth in the most complex regulated markets around the world.

Revolutionary AI solutions

Go Beyond the boundaries of traditional igaming tech. Define and create actionable business rules with on demand without the need for coding knowledge with our real-time rules engine.

Drive greater revenue than ever before

Platform & sportsbook provider

Access to regulated markets around the world

Unlimited preferred third party suppliers

Redefine the growth possibilities of your iGaming casino and Sportsbook, as we change the landscape of highly
scalable iGaming technology forever.

Why partner GiG

A new era of platform, sportsbook and AI technology.

Unique real-time rules engine providing endless possibilities

Real-time data platform enhancing business intelligence

Seamless omnichannel solution making you more accessible to your customers

High performing media service improving your acquisition and lifetime value

Successfully driving customer lifetime value is built in our DNA

We keep our partners and their players at the core of our business

Experts in responsible gaming

Industry leader for regulated markets

Find out how GiG can digitally transform your business

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