Real-time rules without code

GiG Logic is a rules based system aimed at minimising your operations’ day to day tasks. It is based on conducting a sequence of specified actions, allowing you to create your own rules which best serve your business needs in a simple, testable and audited environment. Through this, you can create your own required logic by bypassing the traditional development cycle.

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Create business rules without coding logic

Design and independently test rules with ease without any programming knowledge. Rules in GiG Logic are designed in a simple visual flow chart or decision tables like models. It boasts an added debugger to make your business rule application behave as expected without defects.

Increase efficiency and gain business agility

Eliminate the translation of rules into code and stay independent for any tech release cycles. This reduces the time it takes to develop business applications that are complex rules subject to ever-changing policy and regulations. With GiG Logic, you can consistently put rules into production, without dependencies.

Keep pace, embrace GiG Logic

With dynamic markets and customer needs ensuring your operations are self-sufficient is key. Our visual modeling approach ensures a shared understanding and shortens the time to market for new versions of your business rules.


Create, change, or execute business rules in an auditable way. Our rules engine solution ensures traceability and provides clarity about which rule models were used.

Your USP, created by You

Gain a competitive advantage by identifying your own business needs. With GiG Logic, you can implement your own player flows, fraud prevention rules, responsible gaming features and a lot more in a quick manner. As you design the logic involved, the rule becomes unique to you; therefore, your own USP.

Real-time, scalable & fast

Build rules that are scalable for your business to support and secure highly complex projects. GiG Logic runs in the cloud on horizontally scalable servers. Our microservice-based solution will always be quick and responsive.

Technologically adaptable

Logic responds to events from almost any source, APIs, Rabbit, Kafka and countless others in real-time. It can send, out of the box to any public API, Slack, Email, SMS, streams such as Rabbit and can easily be adapted to other technologies. Written in .Net Core it can run on Windows, Linux or your favourite OS with ease.

Simple bricks and mortar integration

Integrate your online offering with a brick and mortar site with ease. Build cross-sell initiatives, in either direction, to retain your players’ base.

GiG Logic
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