Frontend Architect


The Frontend Architect is someone who can lead and collaborate with different development teams to achieve a given goal through a stream of initiatives from the organisation. This role expects the candidate to lead a procedure designed to create high level collaborative design ready for estimation and Implementation.

The Frontend Architect must lead and follow up with the development team assigned the implementation of the design, the fidelity to the basic philosophies and values, the modifications to the design, the adherence to quality and process.

The Frontend Architect must constantly assess their own growth and the growth and collaboration with the development teams and the spread of knowledge within the dominion of the business unit.

Responsible for

  • Evolutionary collaboration in the design over “godsent” blueprinting
  • Communication and incremental approach to achieving a goal over “unachievable” and subjective perfection
  • Active participation with stakeholders
  • Frontend Architects are active participants in the development teams using Pair programming, ​ scrum ceremonies and PRs as tools to do so
  • Pushing for enablement of quality over inspection (automation of pipeline and exemplars)
  • Delivering high level models of the requirements (the more complex, the more abstract)
  • Capture ideas in detail with working code
  • Lean guidance and rules, not bureaucratic procedures
  • Disciplined in the following procedures of the applied design and development framework
  • Feeding back on the procedures to improve them
  • Designs and collaborates with the rest of the team to determine small releases to the granular daily routine level
  • Upholding the agile practices within the team
  • The creation and maintenance plans of frontend tool sets like UI Kits, components and application templates
  • The creation and maintenance plans of an open-source partner program


  • 7+ years in software development experience
  • 2+ years experience in event driven design
  • 2+ years experience in
    • Redux Patterns
    • RXJS
    • REACT/ VUE / Angular 
    • Web components/ CSS3 and HTML5
  • CI/CD experience font continuous integration and deployment


  • Hybrid Working Model
  • International Health Insurance
  • GiG Wellbeing Benefit (EUR 350)
  • Career and Development Opportunities
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Birthday Leave
  • Free Lunches
  • Free Parking

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