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The Role


GiG is looking for a data scientist intern to work on initiatives to optimise the business. At GiG we want to be data driven from all aspects and see this area within data as a strategic pillar in the company’s overall vision. This is a paid internship during the summer months, starting in July 2021 and ending in September 2021.

What you'll be doing


  • You will join the Data Science Team within our Data Team and will be based on our office in Malta.
  • Work closely with the team to help innovate and come up with different ways to optimise GiG using several AI techniques.
  • Working within the team, you will be given a AI use case and allowed to experiment, ask questions, model, and finally productionise a product which will help us build our AI offering.
  • Use cases of what you might be doing:
    • Identification of bonus abusers using classical machine learning techniques
    • Enhance our current AML models via more advanced deep neural network architectures
    • Product recommendation engine design
    • Use of NLP for transcript sentiment and keyword detection
    • You will also be given the opportunity to present your work to the Data
    • Team and business stake-holders within our quarterly technical meetings


What's in it for you?


  • You will get a feel of what it is really like to work in the dynamic iGaming industry, while also gaining newfound knowledge
  • You will get exposed to commercial applications of data projects
  • You will continue learning with the big data environment.
  • You will begiven a tailored training path based on your knowledge, and exposed to different big data tools and languages, namely Spark, Scala, Python, Tensorflow, QlikView and more.


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