Player Safety Intern


Joining the Player Safety Team would be an exciting opportunity for anyone passionate about ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers!

As a member of this team, you would have the opportunity to work with a highly dedicated and skilled group of professionals to promote Responsible Gambling and prevent Money Laundering.

Your contributions would help to make a positive impact on the lives of customers and their communities. We invite you to apply and become a part of this dynamic team!

The ideal candidate would have a strong interest in the field of gambling, and a desire to learn about the various aspects of Player Safety in this industry.


Some possible qualifications and skills that could make you a good fit for this role include:

● Strong analytical skills: The Player Safety Team would need someone who is capable of analysing data and information related to responsible gambling trends and money laundering patterns.

● Attention to detail: Given the high stakes involved in gambling, the Player Safety Team would need someone who is meticulous and detail-oriented, with a focus on accuracy and precision.

● Good communication skills: Effective communication is critical in any team setting, and someone on the Player Safety Team would need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with their colleagues and other stakeholders.

● Ethical awareness: Finally, someone on the Player Safety Team would need to have a strong ethical compass and an awareness of the potential risks and challenges involved in working in this field.

Are you ready to join us? Here’s what you can expect:

● Individual Development: Joining Player Safety could provide opportunities for growth in a couple of ways. First, you could gain valuable experience in the area of player safety, which is becoming increasingly important in the gaming industry. This could include learning about responsible gambling and anti-money laundering practices, developing policies and procedures for identifying and addressing problem gambling, and working with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance.

● Innovative Thinking: We encourage innovation and ‘getting involved’. By joining a company that is at the forefront of this field, you could have the opportunity to be involved in developing new technologies or strategies that improve player safety and help shape the future of the gaming industry.

● Introduction to Industry Knowledge: Joining GiG could provide opportunities for growth in a different area of the gaming industry. GiG offers a range of services to the online gaming industry, including platform solutions, game aggregation, and marketing and media services. By joining GiG, you could gain experience in these areas and potentially add a new string to your bow.

● Teamwork: We are a company of team workers and cross functional collaborators, we don’t have boundaries when it comes to getting work done. We work together through thick and thin, unwaveringly to achieve our goals. Still reading? Send us a recent CV and Cover Letter and let us do the rest.


What we offer:

    • Paid internship that will start in July 2024 and end in September 2024
    • Exciting opportunities for career growth
    • Hybrid-working model
    • Complimentary office lunches
    • Company social events

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