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Malta, Marbella

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As a creative, technology-driven development company having the best knowledge in-house is crucial to us. We are prepared to work very hard to have it that way. We travel the globe in search of people who share our vision and possess the capacity to execute it through code, design or other specialties and fields of work.

The kind of people we are looking for are Creative, Smart, Dedicated, Curious, Driven and Interested. If you think this resonates you and are a person with strong motivation – chances are we can teach you the details.

Location: Mostly Malta but also Marbella


At GiG we work actively on sharpening up our Leadership and People Management practices and consider these a great factor towards success. We try to avoid old school “managing” and distance ourselves from “supervising”. We empower our Leaders to Lead.


Great user experience is at the core of everything we do. We try to funnel all our efforts through diversity and flexibility, which is why we have an open, and connected philosophy.

Drive and love

Dedication is important to achieve fulfillment. As much as possible, people are placed and directed where their heart belong . In practice, where their strengths and passion is, with the aim of achieving the best results possible. We try to provide the best conditions we possibly can so that our people can truly enjoy their experience with us and make it one to treasure.

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As a diverse and inclusive employer, GiG encourages applications from all sections of the community.

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