Bondholder Information

Bondholder information

Core values which form the base for the financial strategy and a sustainable business:

  • Strict cost control
  • Reduction of debt
  • Conservative approach to amortisation on acquired affiliates and  capitalised expenses
  • Reducing non-marketing related OPEX to achieve bottom line earnings

Funding structure

In addition to a solid operating cash flow, external funding is facilitating acquisitions of affiliate markets, paying off existing working capital facilities and for general corporation purposes.

The funding strategy is built on the following principles:

  • Funding is primarily raised by the parent company Gaming Innovation Group Plc.
  • Type: senior secured funding
  • Other funding types: diversified funding sources, EMTN program, SEC registered program, bilateral loans and bank funding
  • Bank capacity is primarily allocated towards back-up facilities, local funding and trade related products

Bond programmes 

ISIN Code Issue Date Outstanding amount Borrowing limit Terms Maturity date
NO0010858400 28 June 2019 SEK400m SEK1,000,000 Floating coupon of 3 months STIBOR + 9%/Y 28 June 2022

The guarantors to the bonds, GiG, Innovation Labs Limited, MT Securetrade Limited, NV Securetrade and Zecure Gaming Limited (the issuer’s subsidiaries), are jointly and severally with the issuer and between themselves, guaranteeing the repayment of the nominal value of the bonds on the redemption date and of the interest amounts of the bonds on each interest payment date.

The 2019 bonds are listed at Nasdaq OMX Nordic in Stockholm.

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