Gaming Innovation Group: Issue of new shares

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GIG) has today issued 440,000 new shares of its common stock in connection to the exercise of options in 2018. During 2018, employees in GiG exercised options to buy 440,000 shares, GIG borrowed shares for the transfer of the option shares to the employees. The new shares have been transferred back to the lender.

GIG confirms that the new shares have been duly authorised by all necessary corporate action and that the new shares have been fully paid and validly issued. The Company’s share capital has increased from USD 89,565,626 to USD 90,005,626 and the number of outstanding shares has increased from 89,565,626 to 90,005,626 (par value USD 1.00). The new shares are issued by the Board of Directors under the Company's 100,000,000 authorised shares.

For further information, please contact:

Tore Formo, Group CFO, [email protected]

About Gaming Innovation Group (GiG):

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. is a technology company providing products and services throughout the entire value chain in the iGaming industry. Founded in 2012, Gaming Innovation Group's vision is 'To open up iGaming and make it fair and fun for all'. Through its ecosystem of products and services, it is connecting operators, suppliers and users, to create the best iGaming experiences in the world. Gaming Innovation Group operates out of Malta and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GIG.

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