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As an award winning tech and media company, based in some of the most glamorous corners of Europe and boasting a true flexible working environment, we’re not badly placed for attracting the ambitious and innovative to complement our existing talent. We believe in creative freedom. If you want to restyle your career, if you want to grow your skills and experience with the latest innovations and the latest technologies, then you’re in the right place.

What do we do?

At GiG, we are a business to business tech company, and one of the leading iGaming Platform and Sportsbook providers worldwide using our powerful, innovative and scalable technology.

Our tech and managed services teams provide to both online and land based operators looking to provide their customers with a complete igaming experience.

What could I be
working on?

We focus on using the best of breed technologies including OpenSource which deliver optimum value to the customer, continued process of technology refresh to ensure that technologies are upto date and obsolete technologies are removed as part of technical debt management.

To be more specific … Postgres, .NET, Java, Spring, Windows, LINUX, react, C#, Go, SQLServer and Kubernetes form just the tip of our tech.

Our stacks are constantly changing too, as we keep pace with the knowledge needed to stay at the head of tech evolution.

Our culture

GiG Platform is a global creature, spread around the world with offices in four different countries and many more working remotely. We at GiG understand that we are the sum of our parts, so we’re all about the team, wherever and however we choose to work.
With over 600 of us in number, we’re a diverse and inclusive bunch, introverts and extroverts alike and that’s important too.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll throw in a party or two to whet your palette.

Where can you find us?

What will working
at GiG do for me?

In a nutshell …Our philosophy encourages the motivated, that if you want it, at GiG you can come and get it.

Lets not be shy about it, We’ll supply you the right tools and environment to grow and succeed. Write new code, work with up to date evolving stacks. Learn what you want to learn. Create and innovate.

What positions are open?

In order to match our lofty ambitions we’re looking for those wanting to make something of themselves. We’re looking for the people of all ability and experience, form interns eager to learn to the experts also willing to learn. Fullstack, Backend or Front End devs, Data Engineers solutions architects or customer services specialists. Our full Platform offering means we have a full plate of opportunities to dine on.

Contact us

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Investment enquiries

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Gaming Innovation Group @GiG Beach, Triq id-Dragunara, St Julian’s, STJ 3148 Malta Company Registration Number: C44319