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This week the spotlight is on our data platform, GiG Data. Find out more about our real-time data platform and what you can expect to see from a live demo with the data team!

What is the biggest breakthrough of the data platform?

The biggest breakthrough in creating a data platform that can produce data and information in real-time and offer a single source of truth. This allows departments within the iGaming industry such as CRM, affiliates, player safety, and anti-money laundering to be proactive instead of being reactive allowing them to receive the data they need instantly. Real-time reporting is also a significant benefit for the likes of risk and fraud departments as it allows any fraudulent activity to be flagged as it happens, which means it can be stopped in its tracks.

What are the benefits of offering a single source of truth?

This allows your business to ensure that every element of your data is stored and managed in one central location. It will help you to resolve the common problem that most businesses face with having large batches of different data spread around different sources. Implementing a platform that incorporates a single source of truth will help you to create a faster and more effective workflow, will eliminate the need for duplicate data and reduce cases of human error. GiG Data will also help you to achieve data integrity, which will aid to drive your business to make more effective data-based decisions.

How did you go about selecting the right business intelligence tools for the platform?

The reason for building the data platform has always been to allow us to meet the main data needs of our partners. And so when looking at BI tools, our decision was not based solely on what is deemed the best tools available on the market. We were careful to ensure that we involved key stakeholders that will be using the tools and the platform as well as technical experts throughout every aspect of our research and development process. It was important to us that our stakeholder’s needs were met and that their feedback was in sync with the feedback from our technical experts. This allowed us to reach a solid decision on the BI tools that we have implemented into the platform.

GiG Data platform

Does the platform incorporate aspects of responsible gaming?

At GiG, we strive to build products that are good for the industry as a whole. One of the main aspects of responsible gaming is player safety. However, one of the issues businesses face with this is that often the data they require is not generated in enough time for them to make a live-action. GiG Data incorporates applications of AI in real-time. This is a big breakthrough as it means that users will be notified instantly about vulnerable players, which will allow your support departments to instantly identify when a player is about to go into self-exclusion for example. Your support team can then make contact with the player immediately and offer them the assistance they need as the action is flagged.

What is next for GiG Data in 2020?

We will focus on incorporating additional AI applications, which will help us to tackle more in-depth, anti-money laundering and responsible gaming issues. Research and development will continue to be a big part of the platform’s journey so that we can ensure that our platform is always ahead of the game and continuing to solve key business data problems.

Why can we expect from a live demo?

Our live demos will showcase how the platform works, the tools we use and will demonstrate how GiG data can help solve your data issues with a scalable platform. Our data experts are always at hand to answer any of your questions and give a tailored overview of how GiG Data can assist your business’s data needs.

Contact us to find out more about GiG Data and how we can help you to take your data to the next level  [email protected]

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Stephen Borg – Director of Data
Data Science - Gaming Innovation Group

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