The One iGaming platform for success

This week we caught up with Ashley-Christian Hardy, our director of product to give you an overview of GiG Core and why it’s The One iGaming platform for success.

What’s the best way to select the right platform when there is so much choice in the market?

That’s a difficult question to answer because every operator has very different needs depending on how they want to run their business. Some operators are very product-focused and put a lot of effort into the details of making great user-centric journeys; some operators rely more on marketing and generating interest in their products this way.

My answer would be to have a platform that offers you the flexibility to run your business the way you want to. This is also very important because as your business grows and scales, how you operate your business will also change. At GiG, we offer a very flexible platform, not only depending on how you want to grow your business but also depending on your capacity to deliver. We have specialists with years of experience who can help you.

We offer an iGaming platform with everything you would need to successfully operate an online business. Maybe you have your own development resources to create a website using our APIs; if you don’t have that resource, then we offer a full front-end solution. Either way, this is The One for you.

Powerful iGaming Platform

What new trends are you seeing from operators in the last 12 months?

Everyone is talking about other e-commerce platforms such as Netflix and Revolut, yet no one has cracked this for a casino.

Where these platforms undoubtedly have great UX, the reality is that it is simply a really nice way to showcase content. At GiG, we get this and have the data to understand the variety of content to be served, when it should be served and in what order. So our B2B partners can look forward to innovative content curation, rating, and weighting combined with personalisation to deliver truly intelligent content across our sites.

Security is always an issue; and with highly transactional sites, the need only becomes greater. We have seen a lot of iGaming brands bringing different features such as pin codes and other types of authentication. What matters is that there is a holistic view of security across the platform and not just focus on the front-end features.

One of the great things about GiG is that we don’t just go for every shiny new innovation; we try to reverse engineer the thought process behind it to really understand the business reason that will drive revenue.

What are some pain points that operators should keep an eye on when selecting a platform?

One of our best features as a business is that we do not just see ourselves as a software or service provider, we are a partner. This means that we want to help our operators grow, and we want to use their knowledge and experiences to help shape our roadmap. It’s all about building products that solve problems and help operators to run their businesses the most effective way they can; so when we say we partner with operators, we really mean it is a partnership.

How can an operator differentiate its offer from the competition?

In a market where content is similar, if not the same, there are only a few ways to differentiate — promotions and offers, brand or customer experience. At GiG, we strive to create the perfect environment for businesses to thrive. From creating intuitive sign-posting through to the ability to build bespoke promotions. We focus on building journeys that are seamless so that your customers can immerse themselves in your product

What makes GiG Core the one platform for success?

GiG is a company built on a fully collaborative culture. There’s a can-do attitude and a passion for the industry which makes ideas a reality. This coupled with tier-one industry experience gives partners the expertise they need.

What’s more, GiG Core is one of the only platforms that offers a purpose-built tech stack that is new, scalable and is built around the customer, so that our partners can deliver a truly customer-centric journey across all verticals

GiG Core iGaming platform

Is there something new we will be seeing on GiG Core in 2020?

Compliance — This is key in the iGaming industry and we want to ensure that we are at the forefront of this. To make this happen, we will be entering new markets in 2020 and have a fully licensed platform in various markets.

Rollout — We are improving the overall rollout of new features or compliance requests, to make it easier for the front end to implement. The aim here is to reduce the margin of error on front ends and support front ends in having an easy to use flow to implement complex solutions.

Back office — We intend to revamp the whole back office to ensure a smooth user experience. This will start in 2020 and might also span in subsequent years since we believe that this is a product that should continually be evolved.

Verification — We are planning an even easier verification process for players which should drastically diminish the time for players to be verified. This would mean that the painful process of verification would be shortened, whilst also making it faster for a player to start playing.

Technical resilience — We will be making our platform even more resilient and ensuring that various configurations will take much less time to achieve, helping us go to market faster with new and improved features.

Faster onboarding — We also want to ensure that the onboarding of new clients will take less time than ever, to enable our clients to go live as soon as possible.

GiG Core is already an established platform in the iGaming industry supporting some of the most powerful casinos out there and currently operates in a number of regulated markets such as the UK, New Jersey, Sweden, Iowa, and Spain. We are continuing to build on the success that we’ve achieved. New markets, integrations with top-notch providers and faster client onboarding, are only a few of the improvements coming up in the near future.

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iGaming platform for online and land-based operators
Ashley-Christian Hardy – Director of product

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