Becoming a Gigster: Data Science

The newest member of GiG’s data team, Data Scientist, David Farrugia shares a deep dive into GiG’s interview process and his first few weeks of work experience with the data team.

The Interview Process

Interviewing for the Data Scientist position was very straightforward, and honestly, a delightful experience. Given the ongoing pandemic, the entire interview process was entirely online and took just under a month.

Step 1: The HR Screening

It all started with a casual conversation with an HR executive to assess whether I meet the required skills as per the job description. Additionally, this first interview is also critical for me to determine whether I see myself working at that particular company, which I confirmed after I caught myself excitingly grinning upon hanging up.

Gaming Innovation GroupStep 2: The Initial Call

The second interview was with our team lead. Having the same casual vibe as the previous interview, I immediately felt pressure easing off. We discussed the various research projects as part of my studies as well as my interests and hobbies. We also discussed some technical aspects of the data science process, including statistics, machine learning, and programming in general briefly. The team lead also briefed me on the powerful GiG Data platform and the company’s future vision.

Step 3: The Technical Task

Following was the technical task; the most exciting part. I was given a sample dataset on life casino data and a deadline. I was also told that building a state-of-the-art model with 100% accuracy was not the objective of this task. Instead, the purpose was to assess my ability to follow the data science process to formulate a problem statement and leverage algorithms to reach a solution. This was my time to shine! I ended up building two primary models as part of this task: player segmentation and lifetime value prediction. This task also provided me with an excellent opportunity to get a feel of what I might be working on, and I could not wait any longer!

Step 4: The Review

After submitting my solution, the team lead invited me back for another interview. We went over my solution and engaged in a more technical discussion, mainly covering data science and machine learning topics. I explained my thought process behind my solution and was challenged with exploring other potential methodologies.

Step 5: The Culture Fit

Finally, I was invited to meet with the data science team, including the Director of Data. We all engaged in a friendly conversation, discussing our backgrounds and shared interests and hobbies. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this was also done virtually instead of meeting physically, as typically done.

Data Science recruitment Malta GiG

Step 6: The Offer

The day after the culture fit call, I was contacted by HR and presented with the final offer. I took two deep breaths and a massive sigh of relief and accepted the offer. 

Getting Started

After dealing with the legal jargon, my onboarding started immediately. I started receiving several emails welcoming me to the gigster family, which went a long way to helping me feel just right at home.

On my first day, I met with the team lead at the office. Physically meeting with the rest of the team had to wait for another day. Due to COVID-19, almost everyone was working from home. The guys from IT provided me with a brand new 2019 16-inch Macbook Pro in space grey. After a quick office tour with the team lead, he pitched me a couple of projects, and I took ownership of the one which interested me the most. I spent a week on induction, going through the setup, and gaining the necessary access and permissions required to jump straight into my new project. The team lead also guided me through the entire GiG Data architecture and tech stack. Even though all of the team is working from home, we still meet virtually at least twice a day: a daily sync-up in the morning (team updates on current work efforts), and a virtual coffee during lunch (office banter and casual conversations on random topics). Furthermore, the data science team immediately invited me for some gaming sessions after work.

GiG Data Casino Options

I had several overview meetings scheduled over the week with the team leads of all the data tech teams. Besides helping me to understand the motivation behind every team, this was also a perfect opportunity for me to start meeting and introducing myself to everyone. Looking back, the journey of becoming a gigster data scientist has been a very positive and professionally rewarding experience. If I had to summarise my experience so far into three words, I would go with: Learn, Grow, Fun.

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent and currently have 21 open positions, if you are looking for a new challenge within a creative tech-driven iGaming company  – join us! 

Data Science Malta
David Farrugia – Data Scientist

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