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Many Advertising Campaigns Fail

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Webrageous is a company known for its management of pay per click advertisements but recently, the company decided to do some research on advertising campaign and their research helped the company to find out some quite shocking information. In fact, the research showed that a vast majority of business that has chosen to advertise online are not having nearly as much success as they had originally hoped for. In fact, only a small percentage of business that advertise online, a total of about 25 percent, are getting the success they had hoped for when they decided to advertise online and set up advertising campaigns.

Webrageous conducted various studies, all of which have confirmed that when business choose to market online and set up an advertising campaign, only 25% of those business will have success while the remaining businesses, a total of 75% will fall short and will not reach their potential as they had originally hoped for. The studies also proved that the advertising campaigns online tend to fall apart when a professional is not managing the campaign. Business that hired an online marketer to hand the job often had more success than those who did not hire a professional. The studies from the research also showed the underlying issue behind the failure being related to poor management, especially when it comes to a budget.

The Director of Marketing for Webrageous, David Chapman, provided an explanation and insight, stating that the vast majority of business are not having their advertising campaigns marketed correctly by the right kinds of people, people who are considered advertising specialists and have the skills and experience to do the job efficiently. Chapman said that the businesses will often expect one of their employees to take charge of the online advertising aspect for their business and often times, that particular employee does not know what he or she is doing and therefore, is unable to run the advertising campaign in an efficient manner, leading to failure and not success. Many businesses, according to Chapman, do not understand how important it is to hire a professional to manage these kinds of campaigns, especially if the business wants to have the utmost success with their advertising campaign.

Chapman also pointed out that of all the business that has online advertising campaigns set up, the 25% that actually have success are the businesses that have been willing to hire an advertising professional, specifically because that is what these professionals know how to do and actually do the job well. Even after hearing the warnings, many of the businesses that choose to advertise online will still continue to make the wrong choices when it comes to advertising online and their business suffers because of it.

Many Advertising Campaigns Fail by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes