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How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

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• Greater emotional control: People with higher emotional intelligence are aware of their emotions and their own nature. They are more in control of their emotions than others are and rarely allow their feelings to rule their logic. Thus, a person with greater emotional intelligence is more self-aware, of both personal strengths and shortcomings than an average employee who is led purely by instinct and intuition.
• Greater motivation: People with greater emotional intelligence are highly motivated and remain locked on long-term goals. They love challenges and like to deliver the best.
• Greater empathy: People with greater emotional intelligence mingle easily with others and quickly grasp the needs and views of those they work with. They are good listeners and rarely jump to conclusions. They avoid complications by being open and honest and recognize and respect the feelings of others.
• Greater ability to interact socially: People with greater emotional intelligence are generally helpful and quick to build and maintain relationships. They are good communicators and always seem to respond in an affable and positive manner. They genuinely like people and both manage and expect to be managed by rewards rather than by punishment. As a result, they find ready acceptance in any social circle.

Checking Upon Your Emotional Intelligence:
You can improve your emotional intelligence easily if you take the time and effort to dissect your own feelings and emotional patterns, identify shortcomings, and change your behavior as well as habits.

• Watch your actions and reactions. Are you perceptive about the needs of those around you? Do you take into account their feelings before you act or do you act impulsively? Do you copy the reactions of other people or do you think and have original reactions? Do you interrupt people when they are speaking? Do you accept only your own opinions on things? Do you jump to conclusions?
• Check your work relationships: Do you hanker for approval? Do you try to curb the achievements and thoughts of others?
• Check your strengths and weaknesses honestly: Which things should you improve upon to make yourself a better person?
• How do you react to stress? Do you identify and strategically tackle sources of stress, or do you lose control? Do you unjustly blame others?

You can improve your emotional intelligence by identifying your weak points and working upon them. Always inspect your actions and their consequences upon the feelings of other people. Own up to your mistakes and work to remedy any hurt your actions may have caused. And, one other thing: a smile, does reach a mile. Never act upon impulses, and you can go a long way. You’ll be surprised at how your world can change and stresses disappear, if you improve your emotional intelligence.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes