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Human Resources Careers – Top 10 Tips for Being an HR Manager

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HR Manager Top Tip #1: Define Your Role as a Manager

The organization may have defined the role for you, but it is important for you to understand your value as an asset to the organization. It is vital that you’re full of confidence (not ego) and self esteem and accordingly define your role. Role means – goals and targets here and also co-ordination between the staff.

HR Manager Top Tip #2: Building Teams

This is the most important job of a HR Manager. You need to build teams; good teams that deliver on time and are flexible. As an asset, you need to spread the skills to others and further hone your skills!

HR Manager Top Tip #3: Intra-team Bonding and Networking

Networking is certainly on the agenda but networking here refers to bonding with teams, leaders and the regular office staff. What you’re going to gain is confidence and they are being inspired (by you!) in the process. To ensure smooth working of the personnel machinery, you have to be an able administrator as well!

HR Manager Top Tip #4: The Importance of Feedback

Feedbacks are not useless and should be taken sportingly. There are many things that we do not like to hear about us but ‘Feedback’ is a critical assessment of you and your team’s work. That leaves a room for improvement – most important in a HR job!

HR Manager Top Tip #5: Training

As you build bonds between people and share your skill, an HR manager’s job involves training and performance appraisals. Without adequate training, your team is as effective as a sitting duck!

HR Manager Top Tip #6: Responsibility

A manager should be responsible for his and his team’s actions. Accountability is the order of the day; when you show that you’re accountable, you rise in the eyes of the organization!

HR Manager Top Tip #7: A Role Model

Responsibility and Accountability are two sides of the same coin – having the coin with you can make you a role model of the organization!

HR Manager Top Tip #8: The Value of the Word

When you order something, or have said something – it is the power of your word, coming from a position of authority and responsibility. Make sure that you honor the value of your own word.

HR Manager Top Tip #9: Determination and Grit

Determination perhaps is needed in every job; be it managerial or clerical. A HR Manager without determination and grit is like a rudderless ship in rough waters.

HR Manager Top Tip #10: Building Trust

Building never stops for a HR manager and last but not the least; you have to build trust amongst your team members and within the organization.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes